Book printing - review Saal Digital

I've been on a bit of a drive recently to actually print pictures rather than just collect them in the endless recesses of my digital back-ups. I've used Blurb before and was putting a recent book together and thought I'd try someone else out. So I had a look at what Saal ( have been doing and put together a landscapes book based on a super wide format. 

So how'd it work out? Few images below. One of the nice features is the lay-flat binding which means you don't loose anything in the gutter. This is a really nice feature actually...and in fact it seems like there isn't a gutter at all (the image somehow runs across it) which allows images to do they're thing with minimal impact from the bind. 

Build quality feels good and printing sharp with good colour fidelity to originals. I used the Saal software to put the book together (as I wasn't intending any text) which was pretty straight forward. 

One hurdle I did have was trying to pay for it as the e-commerce part of the process for some reason wouldn't accept cards from my bank. Was a bit odd as I tried too different accounts from that bank...and only when I switched to use a card from another bank did it process payment. So a bit of a frustrating end to process. 

But all in all...nice product!